World Check: What Is And How To Remove Your Data

Removing data from World Check (Refinitiv), LexisNexis and other databases

We provide comprehensive services aimed to remove all your data and negative (or any other) information associated with you from World Check and LexisNexis.

Remove your data!

The client himself determines what information about himself he would like to remove from these databases (as a rule, it is a reference to a person in a negative context, or a direct reference to criminal proceedings against an individual, or other information that entails certain risks for the client and is an obstacle to the realisation of a number of his rights, including – for relations with banks, counterparties and doing business in general).

Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive audit of your digital footprint in these systems and take all necessary steps to remove all information associated with you from the LexisNexis and World Check databases.

World Check and LexisNexis services:

  • Full consulting support throughout the entire data deletion process, including consultancy all possible related questions.
  • In-depth analysis and identification of all points of presence of your data in the specified databases, as well as in other information systems that may have extracted (copied) your data from the specified databases and disseminated it in other sources (including – in mass media, online publications, social networks, etc.).
  • Submitting formal requests and documents for data deletion in accordance with current legislation and organisations’ data procedures.
  • Monitoring the status of data deletion and providing you with reports on progress and results.
  • Advice on further protecting your personal data, minimising a negative digital footprint, preventing negative legal and reputational consequences.

We can also contribute to the creation of a positive client image, both nationally and globally, by providing reputation management services.

Reasons for Being Listed on World-Check

Reason Explanation
Regulatory Compliance Listed due to financial or other regulatory requirements.
Risk Assessment Identified as a potential risk in financial transactions.
Legal Investigations Linked to ongoing or past legal investigations.
Sanctions and Watchlists Included in global sanctions or watch lists.

What is World Check?

World Check, also known as Refinitiv World Check, is a comprehensive database actively used for comprehensive analytical procedures, know-your-customer (KYC) audits, and third-party risk assessments. Simply put, World Check and similar databases serve as a tool for financial institutions, law firms, insurance agencies and various other organisations to perform mandatory customer due diligence checks. These checks include the collection and ongoing updating of personal information about customers.

The data sources for World Check come from a variety of external information providers, including data on individuals who may be classified as high risk in the context of anti-money laundering (AML). These individuals include individuals defined as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), those on the sanctions list, and those with a history of legal, regulatory or criminal problems. Due to these circumstances, they are subject to detailed due diligence checks and financial audits.

Examples of World Check database applications include tracking transactions and financial flows related to sanctions-listed individuals, preventing interactions with individuals involved in corrupt practices, and screening for possible involvement in terrorist activities, organised crime, and economic crimes (embezzlement, tax evasion, money laundering, fraud). This data helps institutions to comply with international and national legislation, preventing financial risks and preserving their company’s reputation.

How can these databases affect me?

The companies that operate these databases may seem like obscure organisations, but the impact they can have on an individual’s ability to freely operate, travel and conduct business in a global world is significant. In seemingly routine activities such as opening a bank account, renting a flat, obtaining a loan, hiring a lawyer or starting a business relationship, individuals are subject to a multitude of regulatory and legal checks.

It is at this stage that these databases become an invaluable source of information on which institutions and organisations rely when deciding whether to engage with a particular individual. Consequently, there can understandably be significant negative consequences for potential clients if these databases contain negative or inaccurate information.

Removing negative information from LexisNexis and World Check databases is an investment in your digital security and peace of mind, as well as in your family’s good name and reputation, ensuring that your personal data and information related to you will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism, and negative mentions in this vein will be permanently removed.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your case. Our lawyers do not charge for initial consultation and review of the case files.

Steps to Request Removal from World-Check

Step Description
1 Identify Need: Determine if you are listed on World-Check.
2 Gather Information: Prepare necessary personal information.
3 Submit Request: Send a data subject access request to World-Check.
4 Follow Up: Contact World-Check for updates and confirmation of removal.

World Check FAQ

What is World-Check used for?
World-Check is used for risk management and compliance, helping institutions verify identities, manage financial compliance, and prevent association with corruption and criminal activities.
How do I contact World-Check?
You can contact World-Check by visiting the Thomson Reuters website and navigating to their customer support or contact section for specific instructions or contact forms.
​Am I Listed on World-Check?
To find out if you are listed on World-Check, you typically need to make a formal data subject access request through the World-Check platform or the institution that uses World-Check to verify your identity and check your status.
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