Who Is the Most Wanted Person in The World?

INTERPOL has a most wanted list, known as the Red Notice, which describes fugitives wanted by a national jurisdiction. Rather than give a ranking of who is internationally wanted, the list is simply inclusive. The runaway criminals are either wanted for prosecution or to serve a sentence in their countries.

INTERPOL maintains a most wanted list for a list of criminals and alleged criminals who are purported to be at large. They are identified as the agency’s highest priority for capture, and the list is available to the public to alert them to be watchful.

The Red Notice requires that global law enforcement help locate and arrest these persons pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action. There are thousands of notices and diffusions on INTERPOL’s Red Notice list. Find out here how to remove an INTERPOL red notice.

The list is easily accessible to all on INTERPOL’s website, named wanted persons. In addition, the list contains photographs, names, ages, and country of origin to identify a wanted person easily. INTERPOL’s notices are global requests for cooperation allowing police in member states to share critical crime-related information.

The General Secretariat publishes the Red Notices at the request of the National Central Bureau, which is then available to all member states.

Who Is the Most Wanted Person in The World?

Who Are Some of the Most Wanted Persons?

These are a few names of wanted persons as indicated on the Red Notice list. The names are in no order in any ranking;

  • Hernandez Campos Jose Isaias, age 30 from El Salvador;
  • Kalibatov Marat, age 37 from Russia;
  • Gafarova Irina, age 51, from Russia;
  • Mendes Magana Rafael Edgardo, age 31 from El Salvador;
  • Roach Kenroy, age 32, from Jamaica;
  • Garcia Gonzales Jose Jaime, age 28 from El Salvador;
  • Hernandes LOpex Elmer Alexander, age 27 from El Salvador;
  • Dos Santos Emanuel Eduardo, age 33, from Brazil;
  • AL Ajeil Adel Abdalkader, age 23 from Syria;
  • Pansuk SIriwipa , age 27 from Thailand.

Most Wanted Persons in EU


Wanted by Germany

Crime Computer-related crime
Sex Male
Approximate Height 180 cm
Eye Color Brown
Date Of Birth December 2, 1991 (31 years)
Nationality Russian
Ethnic Origin European
Spoken Languages Russian
State of Case Ongoing investigation
Published on March 6, 2023, last modified on March 6, 2023

Igor Garshin, also spelled as Garschin, is believed to have played a significant role in various cyberattacks targeting German companies. He is suspected of involvement in activities such as espionage, infiltration, and encryption of data belonging to the affected companies.

Investigations have revealed that these cyberattacks can be attributed to the group known as “Indrik Spider,” alternatively referred to as “Doppel Spider.” The group’s first known attack took place in 2017 and targeted the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. They utilized ransomware named BitPaymer to execute this attack.

BitPaymer is a type of ransomware that encrypts data on infected systems. Once the malware infiltrates the victim’s system, it exfiltrates data and proceeds to encrypt stored files. The victims are then coerced into paying a ransom to regain access to their data. These attacks have resulted in extorting double-digit million amounts from over 600 victims worldwide.

Starting from 2019, the group came into the spotlight for their use of a different ransomware called DoppelPaymer. They later changed their name to PayOrGrief in 2021 and again to Entropy in January 2022.

As such, Igor Garshin is suspected to be involved in attempted extortion, computer sabotage, and is considered a member of the criminal group “Indrik Spider” or “Doppel Spider.” It is believed that he may currently reside in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

However, the present whereabouts of Igor Garshin remain unknown at this time.

AUTIO, Arto Kalevi

Wanted by Finland

Crime Fraud
Sex Male
Approximate Height 188 cm
Eye Color Blue
Date Of Birth April 5, 1976
Nationality Finnish
Ethnic Origin European
Spoken Languages Finnish
State of Case Failed to attend court
Published on September 13, 2023, last modified on September 13, 2023

CRIME: Fraud, including that affecting the financial interests of the European Communities within the meaning of the Convention of 26 July 1995 on the protection of European Communities’ financial interests

Assisting in a severe case of embezzlement in Finland, helping in extreme instances of bribery in commercial settings in Finland, complicity in a substantial accounting offense in Finland, and supporting a serious tax fraud case in Finland. Multiple offenses are involved.


Wanted by Latvia

Crime Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Sex Male
Date Of Birth March 15, 1979
Nationality Latvian
Ethnic Origin European
Spoken Languages Latvian & Russian
Published on September 27, 2022, last modified on January 27, 2023

CRIME: Trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

In 2019, Romāns Ivančuks, a member of an organized crime group, participated in the illegal procurement, storage and transportation of narcotic substances (specifically cocaine) across numerous countries for unauthorized disposal. Ivančuks is now sought for prosecution, with a possible maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

KIJONKA, Norbert

Wanted by Czech Republic

Crime Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Sex Male
Approximate Height 175 - 180 cm
Eye Color Blue
Date Of Birth April 17, 1973
Nationality Czech
Ethnic Origin European
State of Case Sentenced to 6,5 years of prison
Published on September 23, 2022, last modified on January 26, 2023

CRIME: Trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

He was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for drug-related crimes. Ever since 2016, they have been evading law enforcement entities. Furthermore, they are suspected of actively engaging in criminal activities as a member of an organized crime syndicate. Their primary involvement revolves around orchestrating the production and sale of illicit substances. Their movements predominantly occur within the territories of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany. It has come to our attention that this individual utilizes counterfeit documentation. It is pertinent to note that this person is armed and considered highly dangerous, possessing military training. They are capable of employing illegal firearms against others. It appears that the individual seeks out the company of drug-addicted women, has a penchant for high-speed vehicles, and exhibits an affinity for powerful motorcycles. The competent judicial authority in the Czech Republic has issued a European arrest warrant against this individual.


Wanted by Belgium

Crime Trafficking in human beings
Sex Male
Eye Color Brown
Date Of Birth October 22, 1977
Nationality Nigerian
Ethnic Origin African
State of Case Sentenced to 12 years of prison
Published on September 27, 2022, last modified on February 2, 2023

CRIME: Trafficking in human beings

Felix Omoregie, as leader of a criminal organisation, organised the smuggling of young girls.

The organization reportedly smuggled victims, already living under desperate conditions, from Nigeria to Italy. Upon arrival, these victims were dispersed across various European nations and subsequently coerced into prostitution. As the ringleader, Felix Omoregie dictated the transfer locations for these victims. He also amassed all the revenues derived from their enforced prostitution.

LEIJDEKKERS, Joseph Johannes

Wanted by Netherlands

Crime Illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
Sex Male
Approximate Height 182 cm
Eye Color Brown
Date Of Birth July 1, 1991
Nationality Dutch
Ethnic Origin European
State of Case Ongoing investigation
Published on May 20, 2022, last modified on July 11, 2023

Europol has set a reward for a crucial tip that will lead to his arrest. Anonymous reporting is only possible if you provide the exact location of Leideckers. Reward amount: 200.000 €

Large-scale drugs trafficking and money laundering

Jos Leijdekkers is a key figure in global cocaine trafficking and is suspected of laundering the proceeds from drug trafficking. Intercepted Sky-ECC messages reveal his involvement in laundering millions of euros and kilograms of gold, likely from cocaine trafficking. In the investigation, a criminal file was compiled on Leijdekkers for importing cocaine through Rotterdam and Antwerp ports, including cases involving threats and violence.

Excessive violence

Leijdekkers is suspected of involvement in severe cases of violence, including the disappearance and presumed death of Naima Jillal. Jillal went missing on October 20, 2019, after entering a car in Amsterdam. Intercepted messages indicate that Leijdekkers played a significant role in her disappearance. There was no trace of Naima Jillal for a long time until photos, likely depicting her tortured, were discovered on a phone seized in the Marengo investigation, suggesting she is no longer alive.

What Crimes Can Lead to Being On the Most Wanted List?

INTERPOL operations focus on serious cases, including fugitives wanted for grave crimes such as;

  • Murder
  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Money laundering
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Human trafficking
  • Environmental crimes
  • Drug trafficking

All these crimes lead to being a subject of the Red Notice. Red notices are issued to criminals or fugitives who are either wanted for prosecution or to serve a sentence. It happens following judicial proceedings of the member state issuing the request. It is not necessarily the birth country of the person but the country where the person committed this crime.

Upon identification of a wanted criminal, the authorities (the INTERPOL red notice law firms) are alerted, and the person is then detained and the country that listed this individual notified. After this, the person can be indicted for the crime committed in the country.

What Crimes Can Lead to Being On the Most Wanted List?


It is now quite easy to search for the most wanted fugitives on INTERPOL’s official website, on the top right corner, and click on most wanted. Here you can check on the list or enter a name to see if a person of interest exists on the most wanted list.

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Who Is the Most Wanted Person in The World?

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