Money Laundering

Money laundering involves concealing the origin of illegal earnings so that they seem to be from a legal source. It’s usually an element of other grave criminal activities such as robbery, extortion and drug trafficking. Where Does Money Laundering Occur? Since money launde Read more »

Business Email Compromise Fraud

Business Email Compromise Fraud (BEC) is a cyber scam whereby the attacker targets a business to defraud it. It’s a large problem that targets organizations across every industry worldwide. It has exposed many organizations to major losses costing billions of dollars. Busin Read more »

What are the Risks of Money Mules?

Money mules knowingly or unknowingly help criminal gangs launder illegal funds or profits. Fraud happens by providing your bank account to receive and transfer fraudulent funds, legitimizing it. Organized crime relies on money laundering to hide the origin of illegal funds. The m Read more »

Social Engineering Scams

Criminals use social engineering scams to exploit people’s trust to obtain personal information or money to enable a crime. With the advancement in technology, social media is the most preferred channel. However, it’s not unusual that scammers contact you by telephone Read more »

Airline Ticket Fraud

Perhaps you enquired about the cost of an air ticket, and you remain dumbfounded. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you encounter a deal of a lifetime, a ticket sold for just a small percentage of the usual price. Before making the purchase, ensure the airline ticket is valid, or e Read more »

Payment Card Fraud

Payment card fraud can be a nightmare for any business or individual. Several crimes are associated with payment cards, payment systems and cash machines. With the current shift to online payments, criminal activities on payment cards are on the rise. Crimes range from physical a Read more »

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is a global problem that affects millions of people around the world. This highly lucrative underground industry is driven by powerful criminal organizations and fueled by demand from consumers in developed countries. Drug traffickers use a variety of methods to Read more »


Cryptojacking is a type of malicious software that hackers use to surreptitiously steal computer processing power from unsuspecting users in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptojacking works by injecting code into web pages or apps that run the mining scripts in the background Read more »

Corruption in sport

Corruption in sports is a growing problem that is affecting the integrity of many sports around the world. This type of corruption can take many forms, from match-fixing and illegal betting to doping and bribery. While there are some efforts in place to combat this issue, such as Read more »
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