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Our forward-thinking team of Interpol lawyers and Extradition lawyers is committed to providing effective legal protection for clients across multiple jurisdictions, employing efficient and inventive approaches to safeguard their interests.

We aim to mitigate the risks associated with transboundary criminal investigations within the International Criminal Police (ICP) system, including Red NoticeBlue Notice, and extradition compliance matters.

Our team has devised various strategies to support clients wanted by Interpol across the globe or involved in extradition proceedings. We excel at Interpol Red Notice removal and addressing Interpol crimes, utilizing our extensive experience and understanding of international criminal law.

With a proven track record of successfully representing clients at the Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files, our clientele ranges from military personnel, law enforcement officers, and business professionals to politicians, public figures, and everyday citizens.

Emphasizing a transboundary approach, our experts are positioned in numerous countries, poised to offer legal guidance, and respond to your requests 24/7.

To learn more about our accomplished team, we invite you to visit the Team section on our website, where you can explore each member’s background, expertise, and achievements. You can also review our Success Stories section to gain insight into our proven track record in handling complex cases involving Red Notices, Blue Notices, and Interpol crimes.

We understand the importance of open communication, so we are readily available through various channels. Feel free to reach out to us via your preferred messenger app, phone, or email, and our dedicated team will respond promptly to address your needs and concerns.

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Integrity defines the Collegium of International Lawyers LP, officially registered under the laws of the United Kingdom (Registration No. LP023044). Our Certificate of Registration, testimony to our adherence to the highest legal standards, is proudly displayed to enhance your confidence in our firm.

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Based on 7 reviews

Due to a Blue Notice
I was questioned for six hours and denied entry to the US. Interpol Lawyers stepped in, seeking clarity and justice on my behalf.
Kolby Clef, Nov 26, 2023
Causht off-guard by an Interpol Red Notice
Interpol Red Notice linked to my business activities, I felt overwhelmed. Anatoly & other lawyers immediately liased with the CCF, advocating on my behalf.
Gabriel Beaufort, Nov 24, 2023
I approached Interpol Lawyers
in a state of confusion, having received a Red Notice with no documents or clarity on the charges against me. They promptly identified local legal representation, meticulously guided them, and secured all the necessary documents.
Mike Shepherd, Nov 28, 2023
I initially approached a different law firm
for my Red Notice issue and faced refusal. Feeling defeated, I turned to Interpol Lawyers. They meticulously rebuilt my case, employed complex tactics, and even used PR strategies. The result? My Red Notice was deleted!
Barbara Jamieson, Sep 30, 2023
Facing an Interpol Red Notice
due to my cryptocurrency operations was unsettling. Interpol Lawyers acted promptly, not only seeking the deletion of the data but also requesting the CCF for provisional measures. The notice was eventually frozen and later deleted. Their expertise saved me!
Griselda Saller, Oct 19, 2023
Being a dual national
I was caught in a whirlwind of extradition proceedings. Interpol Lawyers not only defended me but also guided my local lawyers throughout the process, ensuring a united front. Their collaborative approach was a game changer!
Frankie Hall, Sep 25, 2023
After being wrongly accused of
fraudulent misappropriation, not only was I facing arrest, but my assets were frozen, and banks refused to cooperate. Interpol Lawyers stepped in, navigating the complex international laws, and ensured my assets were released.
Noah Dunkel, Sep 18, 2023

Practice areas and specializations

Criminal defense and police investigations
Expert representation and counseling in criminal investigations, ensuring that clients' rights are protected at all stages.
Corporate crime investigations
Comprehensive services related to corporate malfeasance, from initial investigations to litigation defense.
Proceeds of crime and money laundering
Specialized services for applications related to proceeds of crime and money laundering activities.
Corporate manslaughter and occupational health and safety
Legal support and representation in cases involving workplace incidents and corporate liability.
White Collar and Financial Crime
Specialized in handling sophisticated financial crimes, ensuring robust defense against allegations of corporate fraud and misconduct.
Financial Conduct Authority Advice
Expert guidance on regulatory compliance and dealings with the Financial Conduct Authority.
International Crime, Interpol and Extradition
Expertise in handling cases with international implications, including Interpol, extradition requests and criminal defense on a multi-jurisdictional level.
Tax Fraud
Comprehensive services to address allegations of tax evasion, fraud, and related financial crimes.
With the rise of digital currencies, our Law Firm has garnered extensive experience in addressing legal challenges and opportunities related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.  
Addressing allegations of bribery, kickbacks, and other forms of corruption.
Drug Trafficking
Robust defense against allegations of drug-related crimes.
Our Law Firm boasts a deep understanding of the iGaming industry, providing legal solutions ranging from licensing to regulatory compliance.
Counterfeit Currency and Documents
Expertise in handling cases related to forgery and counterfeit operations.
Comprehensive solutions and legal defense for crimes in the digital domain, from hacking to online fraud. 
Firearms Trafficking
Expertise in handling cases related to illegal arms trade.
Organized Crime
Comprehensive solutions to dealing with charges of organized criminal activity and transnational crimes.
Illicit Goods 
Addressing the allegations of illegal trade of restricted or banned goods.
Expertise in handling cases related to domestic and international terrorism
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