How do I get “Interpol clearance”?

Interpol clearance, also known as Interpol Red Notice clearance, is a process whereby Interpol clears an individual’s name from its database. This process is usually initiated by the individual themselves, who must first submit a request to Interpol. Once Interpol has received the request, it will conduct an investigation into the individual’s background and activities. If Interpol determines that the individual does not pose a threat to public safety, it will clear their name from its database. The entire process can take several months to complete.

Interpol clearance is a process by which Interpol notifies its member countries that an individual is wanted for extradition. The Interpol Red Notice is the basis for Interpol clearance. It contains information about the crimes an individual is accused of, as well as his or her last known whereabouts. Interpol member countries are required to extradite individuals who are subject to Interpol Red Notices. In order to get Interpol clearance, an individual must first be placed on an Interpol Red Notice. This can be done by Interpol itself, or by a member country that has issued an extradition request, but it’s vital to consult with extradition lawyers about how can you avoid extradition. Once an individual is placed on an Interpol Red Notice, he or she will be subject to Interpol clearance.

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