How Do I Know If I Am Wanted by Interpol?

How do I know if I am wanted by Interpol? Most people are usually unaware that they are wanted by INTERPOL law firms and only find out when crossing borders or when they are already detained. You can check INTERPOL’s website under the ‘wanted persons’ section. The page contains a list of persons in the Red Notice, with a broad indication of crimes committed, under what articles, and in which country. Here you can search for your name.


How Do I Know If I Am Wanted by Interpol or have Red Notice?However, you need to note that the website does not contain a complete list of all wanted persons. Therefore, if you have reason to believe that you could be on the list, you can appeal to INTERPOL to access the INTERPOL information.

What International Wanted List Is Published by INTERPOL?

An international wanted list is divided into two groups

1.      Notices

Several notices are dependent on the purpose and task of the cooperation request. they include;

  • Red- seek the location and arrest a person wanted by the international tribunal; with the aim of their extradition.
  • Blue- to locate, identify and acquire any information on a person of interest in a criminal investigation
  • Green- to warn about a person’s criminal activities, especially if the person is considered a threat to others
  • Yellow- to locate missing persons
  • Black- to seek information on unidentified bodies
  •  Purple- to provide information on any information involving criminal activities such as hideouts, devices, and procedures.
  • Orange- to warn of an impending event or persons that present a threat to others

The cooperation requests are published in the forms listed above and then reflected on the INTERPOL member states

2.      Diffusions

They are also called circular alerts or Interpol Diffusions that request international cooperation, particularly detention, arrest, and extradition. Circular alerts are more dangerous. Though registered in the INTERPOL database, they are only available to one or more countries.



Detention in a foreign country due to being on the wanted list is an unpleasant procedure. It is not only very stressful but also embarrassing when traveling with others. Therefore, to avoid the stress of unexpected detention, you must find out if you are on the wanted list by INTERPOL. 

FAQ on How Do I Know If I Am Wanted by Interpol?

What Happens If You Are On the Wanted List While Crossing Borders?
Most people become aware of being on a wanted list while crossing borders. If a person is identified as a wanted person on the INTERPOL channels, the local authorities are notified, and the following ensues;
  • Detention of the person by the authorities
  • Personal search, to ensure that the person is not armed
  • Protocols mentioned about detention, as per the Red Notice
  • Transfer to the law enforcement
  • Delivery to court to resolve if to be arrested
  • Actual extradition, if necessary
Is It Possible to Delete Information on INTERPOL's Wanted List?
Yes, this is possible if the grounds for deleting are established. First, INTERPOL must be contacted and the request officially made. If the request is approved, the information is deleted, and confirmation is provided. The individual is also informed of any further actions based on the results of the consideration of the request made. Learn more about INTERPOL red notice removal.
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