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When it comes to international law enforcement, Interpol is the go-to organization. With 195 countries, it is responsible for facilitating international police cooperation.

If you are looking for an International law firm to help with a legal matter, you have come to the right place. We will give you an in-depth knowledge of what Interpol is and how its law firms and Interpol lawyers can help you with your legal needs.

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INTERPOL Attorney Dmytro Konovalenko has represented clients from all corners of the world. He has the knowledge and experience necessary to help get your name off the INTERPOL’s databases.

Interpol Solicitors & International Criminal Police Organization?​

Interpol Lawyers Dmytro KonovalenkoInterpol, or the International criminal police organization, is an international organization that facilitates police cooperation between member countries. Its headquarter is in Lyon, France.

There are currently 195 countries of Interpol. It was founded in 1923, and its first president was Eugène de Klerk of the Netherlands.

Interpol’s work focuses on public safety and combating transnational crime. Its activities include coordinating international police efforts to track down fugitives, stopping the trafficking of illicit drugs and weapons, and investigating terrorist activity.

It has several different types of law enforcement cooperation agreements with members to carry out its work.

One of the most important agreements is the “Interpol National Central Bureau Agreement”. This agreement outlines the obligations of each Interpol for global law member country regarding Interpol’s work.

Other laws include:

  • The Interpol’s Constitution: The Interpol’s constitution is the governing document of Interpol. It was last amended in 2010.
  • The Interpol Regulations: These regulations govern the day-to-day operations of Interpol.
  • The Interpol’s Rules of Procedure: These rules govern how Interpol’s General Assembly, Executive Committee, and Commission for the Control of Interpol Files (CCF) operate.
  • The Interpol Operational Guidelines: These guidelines guide members in carrying out Interpol’s work.

The organization also has several specialized units which carry out specific tasks:

  • The Fugitive Investigative Support Unit helps members track down fugitives.
  • The Financial Crimes Unit investigates money laundering and other financial transgressions.
  • The Trafficking in Illicit Goods and Technologies unit combats the trafficking of drugs, weapons, and other illicit goods.
  • The Terrorism Prevention Unit works to prevent terrorist activity.

Interpol’s work is essential in today’s globalized world. It helps make the world a safer place by facilitating police cooperation and stopping transnational crime.

Search Your Name

NOTE: The majority of Interpol Red Notices are not on the public database. Be careful. The notices are sent to 194 countries. Contact attorney Dmytro Konovalenko for a free consultation by sending an email to [email protected] and see how you can seek removal of the notice.

INTERPOL keeps a (1) public and (2) private (law enforcement only) list of Red Notices.

What Does Interpol Do?

Interpol’s primary goal is to assist member countries in their fight against international crime. This includes criminal charges like terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, and more.

To achieve this goal, it provides various services to its members. These services include:

  • Assisting in exchanging information between members: This helps members keep track of criminals that may be operating in multiple countries.
  • Coordinating international investigations: This allows members to work together to investigate violations that cross borders.
  • Providing training and capacity building: This helps members build up their capabilities to fight crime.
  • Collecting and analyzing intelligence: This helps it identify trends in international crime which can help in political persecution or other persecutions.
  • Developing and issuing guidance on best practices: This helps members stay up-to-date on the latest methods for fighting crime.

Interpol also works to raise awareness of international crime and help the general public understand how they can protect themselves from becoming victims.

It also provides a range of resources to its members, including a database of criminal profiles and fingerprints and a system for issuing international arrest warrants.

In addition to its work with member countries, Interpol also carries out projects to combat specific types of crime. These include:

  • Project Stolen Dreams: This project targets people who engage in the trafficking of stolen vehicles.
  • Project Sunbird: This project targets people who engage in the illegal trade of endangered animals.
  • Project Synergy: This project targets people who engage in producing and distributing synthetic drugs.

How Interpol Fulfills Its Role as an International Police Cooperation Body

Interpol Solicitor Dmytro Konovalenko during Kyiv Criminal Law ForumTo fulfill its role, Interpol has several capabilities and resources at its disposal, including:

  • A global network of law enforcement contacts: It can facilitate sharing of information and intelligence between police forces and local authorities worldwide through its membership.
  • A wide range of Interpol’s databases: It maintains several databases containing information on a wanted person, missing persons, fingerprints, DNA profiles, and stolen vehicles. This information is made available to members and helps them solve offenses and locate individuals.
  • A team of experts: It employs a team of experts in various fields, including forensics, war crimes, and terrorism. These experts provide training and assistance to members.
  • A 24/hour operation center: The Interpol Operation Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It provides a central point of contact for members and facilitates information and intelligence sharing.

It also has many specialized units that focus on specific crime areas, such as human trafficking, environmental crime, civil disputes, and terrorism. In addition to its law enforcement functions, Interpol also provides support to victims of any serious crime, helps locate missing persons, and assists in disaster victim identification. Interpol’s work is essential in today’s globalized world, where criminals often operate across borders and take advantage of the fact that police forces are not always able to cooperate effectively. It provides a much-needed platform for international police cooperation, and its work helps make the world a safer place.

You Are Not Alone

Beyond Red Notices

Mr. Konovalenko is familiar with all types of Interpol notices and can help you handle each one.

Problems arising in Interpol cases:

  • Red Notice can make it hard to travel and open bank accounts.
  • A Green Notice can prevent someone from entering a country
  • Yellow Notices are sometimes improperly issued.
  • Blue Notices can result in the subject being monitored and tracked

Green Notices

Interpol Green Notice Issued when a person has been identified as being wanted for prosecution or conviction in the requesting country.

Yellow Notices

Yellow Notices issued when a person is missing and their whereabouts are not known

Blue Notices

Interpol Blue Notices issued to individuals who may have information about a crime or a criminal suspect that could help law enforcement more easily locate and contact the individual.


Similar to Red Notices, Diffusions can be sent to one or a few countries rather than all of INTERPOL’s member nations.

Preemptive Requests

When our clients are concerned that they may soon be Red Notice subjects, we start building their cases and contact INTERPOL before an arrest warrant is ever issued.

Immigration Co-Counsel

We work closely with our client’s immigration attorneys to ensure the courts understand the nature of the INTERPOL notice.

Expert Legal Opinions

We provide detailed information to courts outside the United States regarding U.S.-based legal matters and INTERPOL cases, practices, and rules.

Global Personal Data Checks & Corrections

We assist our clients to keep their information straight by modifying inaccurate information kept by organizations.

Interpol Red Notices

Red Notice is an international warrant issued by the International criminal police organization at the request of a national government. Once issued, all 195 members are obliged to assist in locating and provisionally arresting the subject of the Interpol Red Notice.

However, an Interpol Red Notice is not an internationally enforceable arrest warrant; it merely alerts law enforcement officials that an individual is wanted by a requesting country so that, if they make international travel, they can be arrested and deported for prosecution.

Interpol’s role is limited to circulating the red notice at the request of a member country. It cannot compel any member country to arrest individuals who are Red Notice subjects. The decision to arrest a red notice subject lies solely with each member country’s law enforcement authorities and government officials.

For every Red Notice issued, the country requesting it must provide evidence that the individual is wanted for criminal prosecution or to serve a sentence. The request must also comply with Interpol’s regulations and rules for extradition designed to protect human rights. Failure to follow these guidelines makes the notice improperly issued

If you are facing extradition proceedings or have been arrested on Interpol Notices, you must seek experienced legal help immediately. The consequences of extradition to another country due to notice can be severe, and you will need attorneys who understand the complexities of Interpol’s Red Notices, violations, Interpol law, and human rights.

Interpol Red Notices Removal

Every Interpol law firm has a lot of extensive experience in the removal of a Red Notice. Once Interpol issues a red notice, it will appear on the Interpol website and will be visible to members. If the police stop you in a member country, they will be able to see that there is a red notice against you, and they may arrest you.

Our law firm can help you get in the red notice removed from the website. Interpol solicitors will help clarify the reason for the appearance of such a notice in your name and seek clarification on the case up to complete removal from the database. This is done by requesting Interpol, which can take some time. However, once the red notice is removed, it will no longer appear on the website, and members will not be able to see it.

At Interpol Law Firm, we offer a unique combination of expertise in both sanctions law and financial intelligence. Our dedicated team of sanctions lawyers and financial intelligence lawyers works collaboratively to provide comprehensive legal advice and representation for clients dealing with the challenges posed by economic sanctions and financial investigations. With an in-depth understanding of international regulations and a keen insight into the financial sector, we are well-equipped to help our clients navigate complex compliance issues, respond to enforcement actions, and protect their business interests. Trust Interpol Law Firm to deliver the exceptional legal support you need to successfully manage your sanctions and financial intelligence matters.

We Plan Accordingly

Handling Fugitive Extradition

A Red Notice is issued when a country wants help from INTERPOL’s other member countries in apprehending and extraditing a person who has allegedly committed a crime in that country.

If someone is detained due to a Red Notice, that person may be extradited to the country seeking prosecution. If you wish to remove a Red Notice, you should start that process as soon as possible before a Red Notice is used as grounds for detention.


Preemptive Requests

Early in the case, we develop and share a strategy with our clients, so that when INTERPOL contacts them, they’re fully prepared to cooperate.


Building Your Case

We have a great deal of experience building INTERPOL cases.


Achieving Your Goals

We are dedicated to helping you and your family through this difficult time. We’re with you every step of the way.

Interpol Member Countries

Interpol is a global organization with 195 countries and the world’s biggest police force. They collaborate with General Secretariat to exchange information on police investigations. Each country has an Interpol NCB, which connects national law enforcement to our worldwide network.

Some of the most notable members include:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • The United Kingdom

These are just a few of the many members of Interpol. If you have been arrested in one of these countries or are facing extradition proceedings, you will need to seek experienced legal help immediately.

If you are looking for Interpol law firms, chances are there is one in your country. However, if you are looking for a specific type of Interpol law firm, you may want to consider searching for one in a larger city or metropolitan area.

For example, if you need an Interpol investigation law firm that specializes in white-collar crime, you may want to consider searching for one in New York City or Interpol Lawyers London.

No matter where you are looking for a law firm, do your research before hiring anyone. Make sure the firm you consider is reputable and has a good track record. You should also ensure they have experience dealing with the type of case you have.

Interpol firms are specialized types of law firms that deal with the extradition of criminals and the removal of any Red Notice. If you are in need of a criminal defense or have been arrested on an Interpol Red Notice, you must seek experienced legal help from an Interpol lawyer immediately for justice. The consequences of extradition to another or foreign country can be severe, and you will need a local counsel who understands the complexities of Interpol law and procedure.

Europol Representatives play a critical role in navigating the complexities of Europol law and procedure. Their deep understanding of Europol’s operations, legal framework, and international reach equip them to provide the best possible representation and guidance to clients, particularly those dealing with extradition or Interpol Red Notices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is INTERPOL headquarters?
Headquarters: Lyon, France
Which cases go to INTERPOL?
Accused persons who have absconded from the bodies of inquiry, investigation or trial shall be declared on the international wanted list, provided that they are accused of committing crimes of medium gravity, grave and especially grave crimes.
What country is not in INTERPOL?
DPRK, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Tuvalu, Northern Cyprus
How do I remove my name from INTERPOL?
Our Interpol investigation lawyers work successfully with Interpol and have repeatedly proved that the persecution of a person who turned to us for help was unfounded, or politically motivated. Dozens of our clients live peacefully in the European Union and continue their business activities despite attempts to prosecute, filing an international wanted list and other obstacles.
How do I know if I am on Interpol?
First, you need to look at the official Interpol website for the list of wanted persons - . Secondly, write a letter to the regional bureau of Interpol. Let us help you, write us [email protected] and our Interpol investigation solicitor will send a special request to Interpol.
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