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US Interpol Lawyers are experts in US international law. They understand US legal requirements to effectively and efficiently handle US matters that require cross-border expertise. US Interpol Lawyers possess a high level of professionalism, knowledge, and experience due to their in-depth understanding of US international laws and regulations.

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Ask US Interpol Lawyers

Interpol Lawyers in the United States play a crucial role in addressing complex legal matters related to Interpol Red Notices, extradition, and cross-border issues. These specialized legal practitioners possess extensive knowledge of both US and international laws, as well as a deep understanding of the Interpol system. They provide clients with top-notch legal guidance and representation, ensuring that their rights are upheld throughout the process. By collaborating with local and international law enforcement agencies, Interpol Lawyers in the United States navigate the intricacies of international legal cooperation and work diligently to challenge or remove Red Notices, address extradition requests, and resolve other matters related to international law enforcement. Their widespread presence across major cities in the US ensures that clients have access to exceptional legal services, regardless of their location within the country.

They understand the complexity of US foreign policy and can provide guidance on how to approach various cases to ensure an effective and lawful solution is achieved. US Interpol Lawyer can provide value for businesses and individuals as they navigate complex US legal matters on both a domestic and global platform.

The United States is a large country with numerous major cities spread across its states. Interpol Lawyers, who specialize in handling cases involving Interpol Red Notices, extradition, and cross-border legal issues, have representatives in each of these key cities. The presence of these skilled practitioners across the United States ensures that clients receive top-notch legal guidance and representation in matters related to international law enforcement cooperation.

  1. New York City: In the largest city in the United States, Interpol Lawyers provide comprehensive legal support to clients facing Interpol-related challenges.
  2. Los Angeles: Interpol Lawyers in Los Angeles offer their expertise to clients dealing with Interpol matters and extradition cases.
  3. Chicago: Clients in Chicago can rely on the expertise of Interpol Lawyers for their extensive knowledge and experience in handling cross-border legal challenges.
  4. Houston: The Interpol Lawyers representing clients in Houston are dedicated to providing exceptional legal counsel and representation in international legal issues.
  5. Phoenix: In Phoenix, Interpol Lawyers provide expert guidance and representation to clients facing Interpol Red Notices and related legal matters.
  6. Philadelphia: In Philadelphia, Interpol Lawyers work diligently to address the legal needs of clients facing international law enforcement issues.
  7. San Antonio: Interpol Lawyers in San Antonio offer their expertise and support to clients navigating the complexities of international legal cooperation.
  8. San Diego: In San Diego, Interpol Lawyers provide outstanding legal services in the realm of international law, assisting clients with Interpol Red Notices and extradition matters.
  9. Dallas: Interpol Lawyers in Dallas work closely with clients to help them understand and navigate the intricacies of Interpol Red Notices and extradition cases.
  10. San Jose: In San Jose, Interpol Lawyers offer comprehensive legal support and representation to individuals and businesses dealing with international law enforcement cooperation challenges.

US Interpol Lawyers Services

Request for access – Only a small percentage of Red Notices are displayed on the INTERPOL website, and most frequently, those who are subject to one are only made aware of it after crossing a border, having their bank accounts closed, or experiencing other negative consequences. Determining whether INTERPOL is processing any personal data on the individual and, if so, what those data become of utmost importance. In order to properly contest INTERPOL’s handling of the data, our goal is to exactly determine what information is stored by INTERPOL.

Pre-emptive request – We will file a preventive request that outlines the illegality of the potential request to stop its publication if a client thinks they could be the target of a future Red Notice request by a member state.

Request for deletion – We create a formal request for the deletion of the notice, the dissemination, or any client data handled through INTERPOL’s systems after a Red Notice has been issued.

Application for revision – We will file an application for reconsideration of the CCF’s judgment in situations where the CCF has decided against deleting a Red Notice and specific conditions are met.

Assistance in extradition proceedings – To stop the extradition of our clients, we cooperate with local attorneys.

Interpol Lawyer Miami, Florida

Interpol Lawyer Miami provides the citizens of this area with specialized legal assistance, helping protect their rights and uphold the law. Our lawyers are highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of Interpol-related issues and regulations. We empower our clients in a variety of ways including advocacy, advice, and representation, striving to reach favorable outcomes that meet their needs. Our practice is defined by its commitment to providing personalized service and attentiveness to our client’s individual situations. Interpol Lawyer Miami is a trusted source for legal assistance in the South Florida region.

New York Interpol Lawyer

New York is home to some of the most prominent and sought-after lawyers in international law. New York Interpol Lawyers specialize in matters of cooperation between the United States and countries around the world with varying legal systems. They take pride in providing a high level of counsel when it comes to sensitive matters, including extradition requests, asset sharing, terrorism cases, trade negotiation disputes, and money laundering investigations. New York Interpol Lawyers must be prepared to traverse a wide range of complex issues with professionalism and utilize their expertise to find creative solutions to difficult challenges. Their knowledge and experience within the framework of international law are essential components in negotiating fair agreements between nations.

Los Angeles Interpol Lawyer

Los Angeles Interpol Lawyers are uniquely qualified to assist clients in navigating matters involving the Los Angeles-based international law enforcement organization, Interpol. They are knowledgeable of and experienced in all aspects of Los Angeles’s international legal frameworks that may arise in a client’s case, including extradition, federal immigration laws, global and domestic data protection regulations, dispute resolution agreements among nations, bi-lateral or multilateral treaties and clauses contained therein, cybercrime offenses and illicit activities. Los Angeles Interpol Lawyers understand that timely yet thorough evaluation of these global legal components is central to an effective legal strategy. Furthermore, Los Angeles Interpol Lawyers are intimately familiar with the ethical rules of professional conduct negotiated between the Los Angeles International Law Enforcement Organization and local bar associations that relate to conducting business abroad.

Lawyer Kendall Coffey
Kendall Coffey
Senior Partner
Mr. Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida (1993-1996); and served as Chair of, the Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (April 2009 – January 2017).

US Interpol Lawyers FAQ

Is there Interpol in the US?
For all INTERPOL Notices issued on behalf of American authorities, INTERPOL Washington is in charge of pursuing publication. It is also in charge of informing American authorities of the existence of INTERPOL Notices issued on behalf of other nations.
Is FBI part of Interpol?
The FBI also participates in a variety of national, international, and local crime-fighting programs, such as Interpol, Europol, and Resolution 6, which places FBI agents in DEA offices across the world to battle drugs.
What is Red Notice in USA?
According to INTERPOL, the purpose of a Red Notice is to "seek the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar lawful action." A Red Notice is frequently referred to as a "international arrest warrant." This is untrue.
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