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Our Interpol investigation lawyers in London are familiar with the extradition act and legal systems of different jurisdictions as there are nations with less reliable judicial systems. A good legal defense strategy is the key to winning an International case. These cases can be tricky as they involve multiple jurisdictions, and attorneys must consider the possibility of political persecution, which is a huge issue.

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Interpol Lawyers London

International Interpol & Extradition Lawyers London

Interpol Lawyer in London Anatoly YarovyiAs Extradition & Interpol Lawyers in London, we specialize in serious crimes including murder, drug offenses, robbery, sexual assault, fraud, and terrorism. We provide proactive, practical legal advice and assemble a tailored defense team of top professionals for each client. Our extensive experience in criminal defense, strong reputation, and track record of success reflect our unwavering commitment and dedication to each case and client.

Our experienced Interpol & Extradition lawyer’s in the London team has the experience to analyze every situation properly to help you avoid detention and extradition proceedings.

What Does Interpol Do?

The International Criminal Police Authorities is an inter-governmental organization with 195 members working together to create a safer world. To do that, the organization allows the members to access and share data on criminals and crimes, offering a range of operational and technical support.

With its headquarters based in Lyon, France, the organization focuses on public safety and fighting transnational crimes. They have different law enforcement agreements with the members to offer mutual legal assistance in carrying out their work to apprehend criminals.

General information about Interpol Lawyers in London

Interpol Lawyers London Description
Who are Interpol Lawyers? Interpol lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in assisting clients with Interpol-related matters, such as red notices, diffusion notices, and extradition requests. They may work for law firms, government agencies, or independently.
What is Interpol? Interpol is the International Criminal Police Organization, which facilitates cooperation between law enforcement agencies around the world to combat international crime. Interpol does not have law enforcement powers itself but works to coordinate and support the efforts of member countries.
What is a Red Notice? A Red Notice is a request from one Interpol member country to another member country to locate and arrest an individual who is wanted for extradition or to serve a sentence. Red Notices are not arrest warrants, but they can facilitate the arrest and extradition of the individual in question.
What is a Diffusion Notice? A Diffusion Notice is a request from one Interpol member country to another member country to share information about a person or object of interest. Diffusion Notices do not request the arrest or extradition of the person in question, but they can facilitate the sharing of information between member countries.
How can Interpol Lawyers help? Interpol lawyers can assist clients with a range of Interpol-related matters, including challenging the issuance of a Red Notice or Diffusion Notice, seeking the removal of a notice from Interpol’s database, and representing clients in extradition proceedings. They may also provide advice on compliance with Interpol regulations and policies.

What Crimes Go to The Interpol

Interpol’s primary goal is to help member countries combat international crime, focusing on serious offenses such as murder, fraud, war crimes, human and drug trafficking, corruption, money laundering, and environmental crimes.

To achieve that goal, it offers its members different services, including:

  • Facilitating information exchange between the members to help track criminals that operate in different countries.
  • Providing training to equip its member states to fight international crime.
  • Coordinating investigations to help members work together in investigating cross-border violations.
  • Collecting and analyzing information intelligence for identifying international crime trends that might help in political and human rights prosecutions.
  • Developing and giving guidance on best practices to fight international crime

Wanted person diffusions published per year

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
16 048 15 763 15 697 13 618 12 940

What’s a Red Notice UK?

The red notice is an international arrest request given by the international criminal police at the request of a member state. When issued, all the member states (including the UK) are obligated to assist the requesting nation in locating and issuing a provisional arrest warrant subject to the red notice.

However, the red notice isn’t an international arrest warrant. But, when the red notice is issued, it may lead to issues with bank accounts and payment systems.

Red Interpol notices merely alert law enforcement officials that a member nation wants a requested person so they can be arrested before being deported for prosecution. However, Interpol’s only role is to circulate the red notices. They can’t compel any government to facilitate a red notice subject’s arrest or criminal prosecution.

In January 2020, for example, the UK government made an extradition request for Anne Sacoolas after a notice was issued, but the US government failed to honor it. According to the US government, Ms. Sacoolas enjoyed diplomatic immunity.

How Can You Remove a Red Notice in UK?

If you’re facing extradition due to an Interpol red notice or have been arrested based on one, it’s crucial to seek legal assistance from a lawyer experienced in red notices, extradition law, criminal law, and human rights. Red notices, which are listed on Interpol’s website and accessible to all members, can lead to arrest in member countries. Specialized Interpol law firms, particularly in London, are more adept at removing red notices than local lawyers.

If the police stop you in a member country, he/ she will see a red notice arising from your record and arrest you. In that case, only an Interpol law firm can help you get the red notice removed from their site.

The removal process involves requesting Interpol to delete the notice, often citing reasons such as political motivation, which violates Interpol’s Constitution that prohibits intervention based on political, military, religious, or racial grounds.

Options for Challenging Issued Red Notices

The wanted individual has three options for challenging red notices issued in their name. That includes:

  • The wanted individual can contact the law enforcement authorities in the requesting country and request them to take it down. Normally, that requires hiring a reputable Interpol red notice law firm in London to help you, as every country’s laws existing and regulations are unique.
  • You can also request the local authorities of their respective country to cancel a national arrest warrant and then ask Interpol to remove the information from their database. That will also require the assistance of an experienced Interpol red notice solicitor London.
  • The wanted person can contact the CCF and request to remove their name from Interpol’s databases. That requires you to comply with the red notice removal requirements set by the CCF. These requirements can be complex and require legal assistance from experienced Interpol red notice law firms London.

Hiring Interpol investigation solicitors in London can help you remove red notices, but it might take some time. However, it won’t appear on the website once it’s removed, and the members will no longer see it.

Email us at [email protected] for assistance with a European arrest warrant, red notice removal, and other civil disputes related to the International Criminal Police notices.

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Mr. Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida (1993-1996); and served as Chair of, the Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (April 2009 – January 2017).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there INTERPOL offices in London?
While Interpol's headquarters are based in France, they have their National Central Bureau offices in Manchester to help the country fight organized crime. The NCB protects the UK, and the neighboring regions fight national security threats like organized crime, cybercrime, and others.
Is the UK still a member of the International Police?
While UK's departure from the EU has significantly impacted their cross-border criminal investigations, the United Kingdom remains Interpol's fully-fledged member. As such, the government can file red notices and initiate extradition proceedings for criminals to appear in UK courts, like Westminster Magistrates Court, with local attorneys. However, European Union extradition law is still influencing domestic operations, and our team of Interpol solicitors London is knowledgeable in this area.
Can you be prosecuted in the UK for crimes committed abroad?
The UK authorities cannot prosecute its citizens/ residents for crimes committed abroad. However, you can be prosecuted in the UK for acts committed abroad if you're accused of rape and sexual offenses under Schedule 2 of the 2003 Sexual Offenses Act.
Looking for an Interpol red notice law firm in London?
Interpol attorney Dmytro Konovalenko and the team at can advise individuals on an effective strategy for removing red notices filed by different member nations. Our Interpol red notice lawyers in London have the experience and knowledge required to deal with extradition requests and remove your details from Interpol's databases.
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