Iran Interpol red notice

Interpol has issued a red notice for an Iranian national wanted in connection with the 2003 bombing of a department store in the capital, Tehran. The notice, which is Interpol’s highest-level alert, was issued at the request of Iranian authorities. It comes after Interpol’s Executive Committee authorized the release of the notice earlier this month. The bombing, which killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 100, was one of a series of attacks that took place in Iran between 1998 and 2003. In 2006, Interpol issued a red notice for another Iranian national wanted in connection with the bombings. The individual is believed to be living in exile in Europe.

How to remove Interpol Red notice issued by Iran?

If you have been issued an Interpol red notice by Iran, there are a few ways that you can have it removed. First, you can try to have the notice withdrawn through Interpol’s channels. This can be done by contacting the Iranian authorities and requesting that they withdraw the notice. Alternatively, you can appeal to Interpol’s Commission for the Control of Files (CCF) to have the notice removed. The CCF will review the notice and decide whether or not it should be removed. Finally, you can also try to have the notice quashed by a court in your country of residence. This is usually only possible if there is evidence that the notice was issued in bad faith or in breach of Interpol’s rules. However, it is important to note that Interpol is not bound by any decisions made by national courts. If you are still unable to have the red notice removed, you may be able to travel to Iran on a special passport known as a “laissez-passer”. This passport is issued by Interpol and allows holders to travel without being subject to an arrest warrant. If you are able to obtain a laissez-passer, you should still exercise caution when traveling to Iran as you may be subject to other restrictions, such as a ban on leaving the country.

Interpol lawyers working with Iranian Red Notices and Diffusions

Interpol lawyers are legal experts who work for Interpol, an international organization that helps law enforcement agencies around the world to cooperate with one another. Interpol diffusion is the process by which Interpol disseminates information to its member states. Interpol lawyers play a vital role in this process, as they are responsible for ensuring that the information Interpol transmits is accurate and up-to-date. In addition, Interpol lawyers provide legal advice to Interpol’s member states on a variety of issues, such as extradition, criminal procedure, and the status of Interpol warrants. As a result of their work, Interpol lawyers play a crucial role in helping to keep the world safe.

​Case study of recent successful Red Notice removals:

Case #1:

Our client, an experienced businessman, was accused by the Iranian government of a breach of the national foreign exchange regulations as well as of sabotaging the Iranian economy.

We demonstrated that the accusation was mainly motivated by political grounds and that the behavior targeted by the Iranian government was legal everywhere else in the world.

The CCF order the deletion of this Red Notice after evidence was presented that our client would be exposed to corporal punishments and an exceptionally severe detention regime if he were sent back to Iran.

Duration of the procedure: 11 months

Case #2:
As our client was facing imminent extradition to Iran the country where he had been placed under arrest, we successfully obtained interim measures from CCF. The request was honored and after a few days his business license was restored as well; this prevented him from being removed from prison because it is illegal under international law for foreign nationals awaiting trial or sentence inside another state’s territory without its permission.”

Our team was able to successfully convince Interpol that they were wrong about our client. The CCF then took action and had this notice deleted after we demonstrated how inaccurate it is!

We demonstrated that the information provided to Interpol in this Red Notice is inaccurate, and if presented with it again would lead them toward death. We also raised concerns about our client being exposed for something he isn’t guilty of – giving rise to an interesting discussion between myself and another attorney representing someone who may well face execution should they return home.

Duration of the procedure : 3 months for the suspension of the red notice and 8 months for its deletion

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