Interpol Lawyer Venezuela

Interpol lawyers in Venezuela are working to have a Red Notice lifted for a client who is wanted in connection with a money laundering case. The client, who is a Venezuelan national, is accused of laundering millions of dollars through a series of bank accounts. Interpol lawyers are working to prove that the client did not know that the money was being laundered and that he did not intend to commit any crime. If they are successful, the Red Notice will be lifted and the client will be able to return to Venezuela. Interpol lawyers are also working on cases involving other Venezuelan nationals who are wanted in connection with money laundering and other crimes.

Red Notice removal issued by Venezuela

Interpol Red Alerts are published by Interpol at the request of a member country for the purpose of seeking the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar legal action.

However, Red Notices are not issued for the purpose of seeking asylum and, as such, their continued publication by Interpol after an individual has been granted asylum may breach that individual’s right to freedom from persecution.

In 2018, Interpol removed Venezuela from its Red Notice system following a review by Interpol’s Commission for the Control of Interpol’s Files (CCF), which found that Red Notices issued by Venezuela were being used for political purposes.

However, Venezuela has now reappeared on Interpol’s Red Notice system after the CCF reversed its decision in 2019.

This is despite the fact that Venezuela’s Red Notice practices have not changed and there is no new evidence to suggest that they are being used for political purposes.

As such, the CCF’s decision to allow Venezuela back onto the Red Notice system is highly questionable.

What is even more worrying is that, according to reports, the CCF’s decision was made after high-level pressure from Venezuelan officials, including threats to withdraw from Interpol if Venezuela was not allowed back onto the Red Notice system.

Such pressure from Venezuelan officials raises serious doubts about Interpol’s independence and impartiality.

It is vital that Interpol does not allow itself to be politicized in this way and that it stands up to pressure from member states, even when those states are powerful ones.

Interpol Diffusions by Venezuela

Interpol has issued a diffusion notice for five Venezuelan lawyers wanted in connection with an investigation into alleged money laundering and corruption. The lawyers, who have Interpol Red Notices issued against them, are accused of being involved in a scheme to launder more than $1 billion from the release of Venezuelan state funds. They are also accused of making false statements to Interpol in order to obstruct the investigation. The diffusion notice is an international alert issued by Interpol at the request of a member country. It is used to seek the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar legal action. Interpol’s General Secretariat may issue a diffusion notice at the request of any of its member countries, provided that there are grounds to believe that an offense has been committed and that the person sought is located outside the country making the request. The purpose of a diffusion notice is not to secure the fugitive’s return to the country where he or she is accused of having committed an offense, but rather to assist in locating and arresting the fugitive so that the competent authorities can then determine whether extradition or other legal proceedings should be initiated.

Wanted by Venezuela

Venezuela has issued an international arrest warrant for a man wanted in connection with a string of murders. The suspect, who is believed to be a fugitive, is said to be “armed and dangerous.” Venezuela is asking for the public’s help in apprehending the suspect and has offered a reward for information leading to his capture. Anyone with information about the suspect’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Venezuela authorities.

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