Interpol Black Notice

Interpol Black Notice

The Interpol Black Notice is issued to alert law enforcement agencies worldwide of a person who is wanted for a serious crime. The notice includes a physical description of the person, as well as any identifying marks or tattoos. It also contains information about the person’s last known location and any aliases they may be using. The black notice Interpol is not an international arrest warrant, but it does put other countries on notice that the person is wanted and should be considered dangerous.

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Interpol Black Notice

Interpol Black Notice

What is a black notice in Interpol?

Interpol’s “black notice” is issued to member countries to alert them about criminals wanted for serious crimes such as murder and terrorism. The notice includes a physical description of the criminal, their last known location, and any aliases they might be using. An up-to-date list of wanted criminals is contained in a special Interpol black notice list.

It is not an international arrest warrant, but it does put other countries on notice that the person is wanted and should be considered dangerous.

What other types of notices from Interpol are there?

In addition to Black Notices, Interpol also issues Red Notices and Yellow Notices.

Red Notices are issued for crimes that are punishable by at least one year in prison in the country where the notice is issued. They are used to seek the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition.

Yellow Notices are used to locate and identify missing persons, such as children, and to help reunite them with their families. They can also be used to locate missing persons who may be victims of crime, or who may have vital information about a crime.

Interpol also has Blue Notices and Green Notices, but these are not related to criminal activity.

Final Thought 

Interpol black notice meaning suspicion or accusation of especially serious crimes. Black Notices are issued for the most serious crimes, such as murder, rape, and terrorism. They are also issued for child abductions and sex offenders. The Interpol Black Notice is one of several tools that law enforcement agencies use to track down criminals who cross international borders. Other tools include the Interpol Red Notice, which is an international arrest warrant, and the Interpol Yellow Notice, which is used to alert law enforcement about missing persons.

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Why is Interpol's black notice important?
The Interpol Black Notice is important because it allows law enforcement agencies around the world to share information about wanted criminals. This allows for a greater chance of apprehending these individuals and bringing them to justice. It also helps to protect the public by making it easier to track down dangerous criminals. If you have any information about a person on an Interpol Black Notice, you should contact your local law enforcement agency. Do not attempt to apprehend the person yourself, as they may be armed and dangerous.
What is the purpose of an Interpol Black Notice?
The purpose of a Black Notice is to seek assistance in identifying deceased persons whose identities are unknown. This can involve sharing details like physical descriptions, fingerprints, dental information, or DNA profiles.
How is a Black Notice issued?
An Interpol member country, through its National Central Bureau, can request the issuance of a Black Notice. The request must include all available details about the unidentified body to aid in the identification process.
Who can be the subject of a Black Notice?
The subject of a Black Notice is always a deceased person whose identity is unknown. This could include victims of accidents, natural disasters, or criminal activities.
What kind of information is included in a Black Notice?
A Black Notice may include detailed descriptions of the body, photographs, information about where the body was found, and any forensic details available, such as dental records, fingerprints, or DNA information.
Is a Black Notice publicly accessible?
Black Notices are typically accessible only to law enforcement agencies. They are not generally available to the public due to the sensitive nature of the information involved.
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