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What sort of crimes does Interpol normally deal with?

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization, with188 member countries. Interpol’s role is to facilitate international police cooperation and help member countries to apprehend criminals and fugitives. Interpol deals with a wide range of crimes, including terrorism, human trafficking, money laundering, and drug smuggling. Interpol also helps member countries to exchange information on crime trends and emerging threats. In recent years, Interpol has been increasingly focused on cybercrime, as the global reach of the Internet has made it easier for criminals to evade detection. Interpol maintains a database of wanted persons and stolen property, which helps member countries to track down fugitives and bring them to justice.

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization, with member countries on every continent. Interpol’s primary mission is to facilitate cross-border cooperation in order to prevent and investigate crimes. Over the years, Interpol has dealt with a wide range of crimes, from art theft and money laundering to drug trafficking and terrorism. In recent years, Interpol has also taken on a larger role in investigating cybercrime. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Interpol is play an essential role in keeping the global community safe.

Anatoliy Yarovyi
Anatoliy Yarovyi
Anatoly Yarovyi is a seasoned and accomplished lawyer with 20 years of professional experience with profound expertise in law enforcement and intelligence activities, International Public Law and human rights, specializing now on Interpol and Extradition cases, as well as consulting high-profile individuals on any matters related to personal and business security, data protection, freedom of movement. Anatoly possesses a rich blend of experience gained from his tenure in the Prosecutor's Office, intelligence agencies, and various renowned multinational top 10 Law Firms. His expertise is underpinned by a strong academic background, including a Master of Law from Lviv University (2004) and LLM from Stanford University (2013). Anatoly has defended his dissertation on the topic of Covert Investigative and Intelligence Activities and is a Doctor of Philosophy in Law. As a dedicated human rights and Interpol lawyer Anatoly has successfully handled many famous multi-jurisdictional cases involving politicians, businessmen and human rights activists worldwide. He also successfully represents clients in the European Court of Human Right and was one of 15 candidates for the position of the Judge of the ECHR in 2021.

FAQ on Crimes Interpol are involved in

What is the primary function of INTERPOL?
INTERPOL primarily serves as a coordinating body among national police services from different countries, aiming to facilitate international police cooperation.
What types of crimes does INTERPOL get involved with?
INTERPOL is involved with international crimes such as terrorism, cybercrime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child exploitation, organized crime, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and environmental crime.
How does INTERPOL help combat terrorism?
INTERPOL provides support through its I-24/7 global police communications system, databases, notices, and threat analysis to target terrorist activities worldwide.
How does INTERPOL help combat human trafficking and child exploitation?
They cooperate internationally to target all forms of trafficking in human beings.
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