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Dmytro Konovalenko
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Interpol red notice search

Interpol red notice search is a valuable tool in helping to find reputable sources of information and evidence. Interpol is an international law enforcement organization dedicated to ensuring public safety, working with local authorities to identify those who might potentially pose harm. Interpol’s database allows for a thorough search process to be conducted through its network of member states, resulting in the most updated, accurate information on criminal activity worldwide. Interpol’s standardized red notices illuminate exactly who has been sought in relation to illegal activities and other serious offenses, allowing Interpol members – or anyone else with access – to search high-risk individuals or organizations for any potential conflict. Interpol continues to be the global standard for trusted law enforcement information collection and exchange.

How to check whether a person is in the databases

If there is reason to believe that a person has been declared wanted through Interpol, this information can be checked on the Interpol website. However, the website does not contain a complete list of wanted persons, and it is, therefore, advisable to request access to the INTERPOL files (request for access to information).
The result of the request, in particular, will be information on the presence/absence of the person in the Interpol databases, the form of the search (card/diffusion), and brief information about which criminal proceedings the person is wanted, under which articles, by which country. If a person is or is about to become a subject of criminal proceedings, there is no point in “searching” himself/herself through the Interpol database, as the impending search is inevitable, it is better to prepare a preventive request and prepare a request for deletion/rectification of information in the Interpol information system.

Dmytro Konovalenko
Dmytro Konovalenko
Lawyer, an expert in extradition and Interpol. He is a member of the International Bar Association. For more than 5 years he has been defending clients against international wanted notices from the USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and other countries. Dmytro has had a positive experience in taking preventive measures to block the search at the initial stages. Dmytro specializes in the defense of economic, political, and war crimes

Interpol Red Notice search FAQ

Is it possible to delete/rectify information in the Interpol database?
Yes. If grounds for Red Notice deletion/correction of information are established, it is necessary to apply to Interpol with a request for deletion/correction of information in the database of Interpol (request for deletion/correction). If the request is granted, the information will be deleted and a confirmation will be provided by the Interpol File Control Commission. The person will also be informed of any further action Interpol will take as a result of the request. Undoubtedly, an international search through Interpol channels is an extremely unpleasant procedure, but one should not panic. Usually, the shortcomings of the actions taken by law enforcement agencies to publish a wanted notice in the Interpol database give reason to delete such information about a person. Of course, to avoid the problems associated with unexpected detention, I would advise taking preventive measures and subsequently preparing a convincing argument for the Interpol File Control Commission to remove/correct the information in the Interpol wanted list database. It takes 9 months to process a deletion/correction request and you can only submit it once, so you need to be "fully prepared" for this procedure.
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