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Interpol Red Notice check

Interpol Red Notice Checks are an important tool for identifying international fugitives. By conducting Interpol red notice checks, businesses can help ensure that they are not unknowingly engaged in activities with undesirable persons or entities. Interpol’s information is regularly updated and provides global coverage, making Interpol’s red notice checks one of the most reliable ways to determine if any offenders or criminals are involved in a transaction or operation. Employing Interpol Red Notice Checks is a good practice for companies looking to safeguard their reputation and the security of their business operations worldwide.

How do I check the existence of the Interpol Red Notice?

If there is reason to believe that a person has been declared wanted through INTERPOL channels, this information can be checked on the INTERPOL website (View Red Notices). However, the website does not contain a complete list of wanted persons, and it is therefore advisable to request access to the INTERPOL files (request for access to information).

The result of the request will, among other things, provide information on the presence/absence of the person in the Interpol databases, the form of the search (card/diffusion), and brief information on which criminal proceedings the person is wanted in connection with, under which articles, and by which country.

Iryna Berenstein
Iryna Berenstein
Mrs. Berenstein is a distinguished and outstanding lawyer with profound experience and exceptional legal knowledge in the field of International Private Law, Financial Law, Corporate Law, investment regulation, Compliance, Data Protection, and Reputation Management. Iryna has an impressive portfolio of private ultra-high net worth clients, mostly from Israel, UAE, the US, and the UK.

Interpol Red Notice check FAQ

Is it possible to delete information from the Interpol database?
Yes. If grounds for Red Notice Removal are established, a request for deletion from the Interpol database must be submitted to Interpol (request for deletion). If the request is granted, the information will be deleted and an appropriate confirmation will be provided. The person will also be informed of any further action taken by Interpol as a result of the request. Undoubtedly, being detained in connection with an international manhunt is an unpleasant procedure. However, one should not panic. Usually, the shortcomings of the actions taken by law enforcement agencies to publish a wanted notice in the Interpol database provide grounds for deleting such information about a person. Of course, to avoid the stress of an unexpected apprehension, we advise you to take preventive measures and check in advance whether the wanted notice is missing from the Interpol databases.
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