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Dmytro Konovalenko
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Is an Interpol Red Notice always public on Interpol.int?

Interpol Red Notices are global alerts issued by Interpol at the request of a member country. They have published on interpol.int and include the names and photographs of persons wanted by national jurisdictions for the commission of serious crimes. The publication of Interpol Red Notices is restricted to information that Interpol has received from member countries in accordance with Interpol’s rules and procedures. In order to protect the privacy of persons wanted by national jurisdictions, Interpol Red Notices are not always public. In cases where publication would contravene Interpol’s rules or procedures, Interpol Red Notices are only accessible to Interpol’s member countries.

Interpol Red Notices are normally public on Interpol’s website, interpol.int. Interpol is the world’s largest policing organization, with 190 member countries. Its role is to enable police around the world to work together to make the world a safer place. One of the ways it does this is by issuing Red Notices. A Red Notice is an internationally wanted person’s notice. It contains information about a person who is wanted by a member country for a serious crime, such as murder or terrorism. Interpol’s website allows members of the public to search for wanted persons by name, country, and type of crime. Interpol also allows members of the public to subscribe to email alerts about wanted persons. However, some Red Notices are not public on Interpol’s website. This can happen for a number of reasons, including if Interpol has received a request from a member country not to make the notice public. In some cases, Interpol may also withhold a notice from its website if it believes that doing so would put the person named in the notice at risk of harm.

Dmytro Konovalenko
Dmytro Konovalenko
Lawyer, an expert in extradition and Interpol. He is a member of the International Bar Association. For more than 5 years he has been defending clients against international wanted notices from the USA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and other countries. Dmytro has had a positive experience in taking preventive measures to block the search at the initial stages. Dmytro specializes in the defense of economic, political, and war crimes
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