Airline Ticket Fraud

Perhaps you enquired about the cost of an air ticket, and you remain dumbfounded. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you encounter a deal of a lifetime, a ticket sold for just a small percentage of the usual price.

Before making the purchase, ensure the airline ticket is valid, or else you could be a victim of airline ticket fraud.

How Airline Ticket Fraud Works

Criminals are experts in airline ticket fraud. Here’s how the fraud works;

  • The criminals use stolen or hacked payment card details to buy airline tickets.
  • The criminals offer the airline tickets at a bargain price through legit-looking websites or social media accounting, posing as agents.
  • The criminals ask for immediate payment, mostly by bank transfers or cash.
  • After making payments, the criminal sends you a flight booking confirmation. However, the original purchase details are no longer available.

What are the Warning signs an Airline Ticket is Fraudulent?

  • Bogus flight booking websites

These travel agencies offer fraudulent airline tickets on phony websites at prices too good to be true. The scammers create a fake website similar to the airline or travel agency website and offer huge discounts.

The fake website might send a confirmation email, but there is no flight. Instead, the scammer steals your personal information from your card.

  • A sudden increase in discounted airline tickets

The scammers contact people who recently booked real flights and inform them to pay additional fees. For example, after finding a cheap flight online, a person calls you impersonating a travel agent and informs you that the flight prices have increased.

If you share your card details and pay the fee, you’ll find out that there was no price increase. But, unfortunately, the scammer has your personal information.

  • Enticing last-minute ticket deals from private sellers

Fraudsters use stolen financial information to buy airline tickets and sell them through fake travel agencies, fake airline websites or Facebook Marketplace. Then, they request cash payments for the tickets, bank transfers or cryptocurrency.

All these methods are difficult or impossible to request reversal. Even after voiding the tickets, the scammer gets to keep your money.

  • Fake flight cancellations

Scammers can inform you that your recently booked flight is canceled and needs re-booking at a fee. However, it’s a lie, and the money goes to the scammers. Additionally, they can use email links to phishing websites that prompt malware downloads.

Consequently, scammers access your personal information from your phone or computer.

Tips to Make Airline Ticket Purchases

You can avoid being a victim of these fraudulent purchases by following a few tips.

  • Always book airline tickets from the airline or a recognized travel agency
  • Buy tickets from a website with secure payments systems
  • Confirm all the terms and conditions of buying the airline tickets
  • Confirm that the airline website has the IATA logo.

Final Thoughts

It would be best if you were wary of deals on airline tickets that sound too good to be true. You may lose cash and the airline ticket and expose your personal information to scammers.

Ensure you only buy tickets from official airline websites with secure payment methods. Also, read through all terms and conditions before making a purchase.

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