Who owns Interpol?

No entity owns INTERPOL. It is an intergovernmental body, comprising 195 member countries. INTERPOL helps local police in all member countries work together to make the world safer. To do this, INTERPOL enables the local police to share and access data on crimes and wanted persons. Additionally, it offers a wide range of technical and …

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Does INTERPOL Text People?

INTERPOL is a law enforcement organization. They help countries around the world coordinate investigations and bring criminals to justice. Because INTERPOL is an international agency, its agents can’t text people directly. Instead, they work with local law enforcement agencies who can contact the person in question and ask them to come in for questioning. INTERPOL …

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How Can I Join INTERPOL?

INTERPOL is the world’s largest police organization, with 195 member countries. You can join INTERPOL as an employee or an intern. The application process is online, and an INTERPOL agent will contact you if accepted. A background in law enforcement is not mandatory since INTERPOL hires people in diverse positions.   Let’s look at the process. …

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